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            Fucking Awesome. Kick Ass Friend. Badass.

            Why the curse-bombs?

            After more than a decade in a high powered career I got the flu. For 3 1/2 years, I was non-functional. Too dizzy to even walk to another room. Doctors said I was healthy - and crazy.

            My husband flew me to every specialist in the country until we found the right doc. One who believed me. With medication - my damaged central nervous system - works (ish).

            As many things in life - it's a daily adventure.


            I was so sick of feeling sick!

            The self pity, loathing, criticism and worthlessness - BE GONE. The best way to break that inner assholio voice?

            Curse words!

            Try it ..... Say out loud

            "You are awesome"


            "You are FUCKING awesome"

            Which one did you hear inside and out?

            Determined not to go gentle into the night, I started adding wish cards using encouraging curse words. Dubbed my slogan "affirmations with attitude"

            I had no idea how big of a global family I was a part of!

            Check out our Stories page to read about people all over the damn world our wish cards have affected.

            Then add your own story.

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