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The Birds & the Bugs SALE

Up to 90% OFF with necklaces normally $29 - 60 reduced to $3.40 and adorable stud earrings retail $19-26 reduced to $3.80!!!


Birds&Bugs SALE



Sample sale

We received all our sample jewelry back from magazine editors, bloggers and wholesale agents for the season. I'll be posting them on lilahv.com the next couple days. Necklaces at $15 and $10, earrings $9, rings $3 and bracelets $2!!


Ironically Badass?

Is it ironic our BADASS necklace is goods in the Ethical Edit of Thoughtfully Yours magazine?  Hell, NO!  A badass is ethical - she just looks kick ass doing it.

Badassaway - WIN BIG



Want a chance to win an 18k deer skull necklace for you + 4 friends???
10 winners will be chosen on June 30th.
Rules are:
>share this photo on Instagram >like @lilahvjewelry >tag 4 friends >use hashtag #badassaway ---------–----------—----------—-------------
If your user is private please message me so you will be entered.
Enter as many times as you want!
Tell your friends to tag YOU in their entry so you can be one of their 4 friends

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