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Hot Mama discount code

For all the #hotmamas ? 35% off all necklaces at www.lilahv.com

Sample sale

We received all our sample jewelry back from magazine editors, bloggers and wholesale agents for the season. I'll be posting them on lilahv.com the next couple days. Necklaces at $15 and $10, earrings $9, rings $3 and bracelets $2!!


Water Lily month

July is water lily month.  Did you know I have a water lily named after me?  Yep.  My dad is rad.  He is a water lily cultivator and nurseryman - when I was a wee adorable one, he created a new lily that changes colors of pink throughout the day and named it after ..... the best daughter in the world. 

The one and original Amanda Uber water lily:

(which you can buy here: www.vnwg.com)

Oh what a happy coincidence.   You can have your OWN water lily.  Name it whatever you want.  Fred, Lyndon, Melanie, McLovin.


Buy McLovin here: