LilahV makes us smile.  20% donated to the Humane Society LilahV makes us smile!

A portion of proceeds are donated to the Humane Society
I love dogs.  I work with the Utah Humane Society critters from rats (yuck!) to kitties (awh) to Great Danes.  My husband, Gary, and I foster dogs who need to get out of that tiny kennel for a few weeks.
I post lots of pics on Instagram:  www.instagram.com/lilahvjewelry  


LilahV donates 20% from the Retro Collection to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

A portion of proceeds from Retro jewelry is donated to LLS
I love my mom.  I lost my mommy to acute Leukemia in 2013.  LLS showed up to give us information & hugs.  They sent survivors to talk to mamacita on what to expect (were the first to say she could possibly survive).  And she did survive, for 5 more years, long enough to dance at my wedding.