Custom Retro Samples

Custom Retro Samples

Some creations we have made: 

MOFO Cluster:

40+ retro beads hand looped onto 14k oval chain.  26" long.

50 hours to design, create and finish [plus chiropractor for carpal tunnel]

Donated to charity auction:  Sold for $9,500

Retro Custom cluster MOFO

Cluster Primary Earrings:

7 retro beads clustered onto 14k ear wires in primary colors [plus a few more]

Made to go with MOFO necklace

Retro custom cluster earrings

Summer Lovin' Cluster:

Making of Summer Lovin' cluster necklace.  

Another 50+ hours to design, create and finish.

Custom client.

Custom retro cluster necklace making of

Claudia Cluster:

Making of Claudia cluster necklace.  

60+ hours to design, create and finish.  40 retro beads, 3 stardust 14k beads, 1 tiny swarovski nugget on 3.4mm elongated 14k chain.

Custom client.

Retro Cluster making of 1 Making of claudia custom necklace Claudia custom necklace chain and clasp

Claudia Cluster custom necklace Claudia custom necklace Claudia custom necklace

Tina Necklace

Client wanted black and gold.  And easy to wear.

2 black retro oval beads, 8 black retro interlocking beads and 2 tiny charcoal glass cube beads offset on super long 32" 3.0mm diamond pattern gold chain.

Made for my sister's birthday 

 Tina Necklace on bull Black retro bead with hand stamped 14k tag Interlocking retro beads on diamond 14k chain

Dwell Magazine Giveaway:

 Double strand Necklace.  7 small Malibu ocean beads + 3 Avalon sea foam beads threaded onto 14k chain.  Matching earrings

Dwell magazine Holiday giveaway

Dwell giveaway