We are Rebranding

Have you noticed we've changed ... a bit?

LilahV is rebranding!!

New logo.  New packaging.  New tude.

Meanwhile - you might get an order with two different logos.  Still us.  Bein' us.


We wanted to give you a peek at all our logos over the years.  Enjoy.


LilahV  Affirmations with Attitude  LilahV logo

2014 - 2016

LilahV logos

2013 - We went through a lot of logos and slogans that year

  LilahV logos

LilahV logos  LilahV logos    LilahV logos   

LilahV logosLilahV logos


LilahV logos

LilahV old logo   

Pre LilahV we were LilahVintage  [that's where the V came from!]

LilahVintage logos

LilahVintage logos