Wish bracelet ... FERTILITY

$ 22.00


Wish bracelet ... FERTILITY

$ 22.00

Sold out

Get that baby making machine all oiled up and get it on.

Tiger's Eye for strength and fertility.  Rose Quartz aids in emotional balancing and is a powerful aphrodisiac.  Pink Opal is used for relaxation, openness and acceptance. Wait - aphrodisiac? Oh yea we'll take that!

* 3 - 4mm natural gemstones: tiger's eye, rose quartz, pink opal

* 9" green silk cord

* Make a wish original card

* Enclosed in resealable cello envelope


FEEDBACK WELCOME! I use the silk wish cards to test out new phrases for future jewelry collections. Let me know if this one is one point or tots lame. 

Think you've got the perfect phrase? Send it over. If I use it, you'll get 5 pieces of free jewelry from that line.

Bracelets are as easy as 1. Tie your bracelet 2. make a wish and ... 3. when the thread naturally breaks your wish is ready to come true!


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20% of proceeds are donated to THE HUMANE SOCIETY