Malibu Large Wire

$ 209.00


Malibu Large Wire

$ 209.00

Malibu: Named for the incredible California beaches where Amanda grew up.

This beach holds a special place in my heart.  It's where I take my dogs, Lilah and Br'er to run on the beach.  No matter if it's sun drenched or cold rain by the time I leave I feel restored and alive.  I added a picture of Lilah and I walking the Malibu surf.
ALMOST OUT = I have very few of these beads left!


  • Hand blown glass from 1920's Bauhaus studio
  • 3 large Ocean 3 sided. 3/4" long 
  • Each side was painted with platinum then 24k gold.  Almost 100 years has given the gold a satin sheen


  • Beads hand looped onto thick 14k wire
  • Delicate 14k gold fill chain 18" long + 2" extender
  • Lobster clasp


  • Beads threaded onto gold bead wire 18" long
  • 2" 14k extender chain
  • 14k Lobster clasp


    Custom retro jewelry is available

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    These beads are composed of hand blown German glass in the Bauhaus style during the 1920’s.  The innovative design studio was breaking ground in the new “Modernism” industrial ideology making art more vivid. 
    Their bold ideas led the way to Impressionism, Pop Art  & Minimalism. These gorgeous beads range from interlocking oviform in frosted neon to multi-faceted round intense sapphire painted with 24k gold.  

    During WWII the factory was bombed reducing it to rubble.  Designers vanished.  Molds broken.  It was decades later when the family went to rebuild, the beads were found in the debris.  
    Since they cannot be reproduced, the beads are rare and highly prized.
    My husband and I were traveling through Europe when fate intervened and we met the family over dinner.  By dessert, I had purchased as much of the collection as possible.
    All retro jewelry is designed by Amanda Uber using the rare beads along with the principles of Bauhaus, Pop Art and Minimalism as inspiration.