BAR studs

$ 30.00


BAR studs

$ 30.00

Not that kind of stud you dirty girl.

Now ... onto important biz

It's the little things that make life worth all the other crap like decaf coffee, rotten hair days and realizing the tight jeans you put on were the "fat day" ones.

* Bar 1/2" (15mm) long 

* V 1/4" long 

* 18k gold, rose gold or silver dipped

* Original affirmation card

* Enclosed in resealable cello

Search BAR in our shop to see these in rose gold and silver along with stupid awesome bar necklaces both of which were on the cover of Redbook.

Hell, yea! That was an awesome day for us. Just like it will be for you wearing your new badass bar earrings to work.


Need a gift box to go with that amazing gift?  We got you:



We heart animals.  And they heart us back:

20% of proceeds are donated to the HUMANE SOCIETY