Wish Bracelet ... HIGH TIDE

$ 9.00


Wish Bracelet ... HIGH TIDE

$ 9.00

Card states:

You drink too much; cuss too much; have questionable morals.

You're everything I ever wanted in a friend.

Pick a:
* Kick ASS charm, bead or gemstone

* 9" silk cord

* Make a wish original card

* Enclosed in resealable cello envelope

Flourite:  Check out the last photo on this page.  That is a chunk of flourite.  You'll see it comes in almost every color of the spectrum.  The flourite gemstones I use are majority purple and pink but your bracelet could be any combination of purple, pink, green, yellow and clear.

Bracelets are as easy as 1. Tie your bracelet 2. make a wish and ... 3. when the thread naturally breaks your wish is ready to come true!

(unless otherwise noted, your silk will come in a random color)


Need a gift box?  We got those too:


20% of proceeds from Wish Bracelets are donated to THE HUMANE SOCIETY