Wish Bracelet ... KICK ASS FRIEND turquoise

$ 15.00


Wish Bracelet ... KICK ASS FRIEND turquoise

$ 15.00

You know that friend who answers your call at 3am. To talk about Mark...Again. And shows up at 3:30am just to make sure you know how awesome you are even if he did just walk right by you today when you were wearing your navy dress that makes you look amazaballs. With Ben & Jerry's.

Same friend who then comes over again at 5pm to help you pick out an outfit for your date .... with Mark! Not the navy dress - duh!

This bracelet is for HER!!

* Dope as fuck turquoise gemstone known for its qualities of friendship, well being and all around awesomeness.

* Soft as a baby's ass 100% pure silk 9" cord

* Make a wish original card

* Enclosed in resealable cello envelope

I use the silk wish cards to test out new phrases for future jewelry collections. Let me know if this one is one point or tots lame. What phrase do you want to see?

Bracelets are as easy as 1. Tie your bracelet  2. make a wish and ... 3. when the thread naturally breaks your wish is ready to come true!

(unless otherwise noted, your silk will come in a random color)


Need a gift box?  We got those too:


20% of proceeds from Wish Bracelets are donated to THE HUMANE SOCIETY