BAR necklace

$ 40.00


BAR necklace

$ 40.00

Be happier than a bird with a french fry.

* Modern simple 1" bar either horizontal or vertical 

* 18k gold or silver dipped

* 18" chain

* Original affirmation card

* Enclosed in resealable cello ready to give


BAR NONE Peach card states:

Exceptional. Rare. Phenomenal. Smashing.  Yep, that sounds just like you!

BAR NONE Red card states:

Exceptional.  Top Quality.  Smashing.  The bees knees.  Tout that booty girlfriend.  You are the best of the best of the best.

BADASSICAL card states:

Classic Bad Ass.  A level of badassness that reminds one of the good old days.  Yep, that sounds just like you!


Get on with your bad self you rock star! 

KICKASSITUDE card states:

Wake up.  Kick ass.  Repeat.

[silver with hand painted purple necklace is a sample sale item and is not available for returns or exchanges]


Matching earrings available in the shop

as seen on the cover of Fit Pregnancy AND Redbook magazines in 2015. ok, you don't have to be excited, but we sure as hell were!


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20% of proceeds are donated to the HUMANE SOCIETY