BUTTERFLY necklace

$ 40.00


BUTTERFLY necklace

$ 40.00

We heart butterflies.  They are all pretty and fluttery and when they are around you can't stop staring at their adorableness.  Oh hey - that's you!

* 1" butterfly charm silver dipped

[rose gold and gold sold out.  Boo!]

* 17" chain

* Original affirmation card of your choice:


Elegant. Poised. Exquisite, Harmonious. Yep, that sounds just like you!

AWFUL card:

Seriously.  Be a little bad at something so I look better. 

[shown in bow charm also available in the shop]

* Enclosed in resealable cello

Matching earrings available.  Silver, rose gold or hand painted amazing neon and opalescent colors.  Or .... wait for it...... hand painted then doused with fairy farts glitter! {I know, worth it}


Need a gift box to go with that amazing gift?  We got you:



You know who we heart?  Animals:

20% of proceeds are donated to the HUMANE SOCIETY