ANCHOR necklace

$ 40.00


ANCHOR necklace

$ 40.00

You: "I'm totes gonna do something stupid"

BFF: "Hmmm, not the best idea"

You: "Probably not. Doin' it anyway."

BFF: "I don't think you should. Let's do face masks instead."

Dumb idea commences, crashes and burns.

You 3AM (sobbing on phone to BFF): "It .... was .... awful. My life is .... RUINED. Why didn't you tell me? Your my BFF!"

BFF: "I'll be right over."  brings chocolate, ice cream and Gilmore Girl DVDs

Thank her with an awesome anchor on amazaballs card. Seriously she deserves it - what you did was pretty dumb.

An absolutely perfect gift from one friend to another.


* Silver dipped anchor charm

* 17" chain

* Original affirmation card of your choice:


A true friend helps navigate the waters of life keeping us afloat when we jump headfirst into an uncharted ocean.

[ gold sold out]

We gots other cards for the silver anchor necklace now!!!


See pics for more card info.

Bo Derek pic for no reason at all.  

* Enclosed in resealable cello envelope.  Ready to give.


Don't forget the amazing matching earrings. Did we mention they are amazing? Oh wait. yea, we did. Cuz they are!


Need a gift box?  We got those too:



We think animals are the shiznick:

20% of proceeds are donated to the HUMANE SOCIETY