RETRO ... Indigo ...because it sounds cooler than navy

$ 98.00


RETRO ... Indigo ...because it sounds cooler than navy

$ 98.00

INDIGO:  Blue.  but darker.  

Back in the 1920's it was difficult to get deep dark rich colors consistently throughout the glass while they were being hand blown.  Making these midnight blue pieces even more special.

* Vintage beads in deep indigo painted with 24k gold

These amazing 1920's beads are two sided so you can wear the necklace facing either way.

* 14k gold fill chain 

* Extender chain as described with lobster trigger clasp

* Earrings are on 14k ear wires.  Plastic ear guards included.

Arrives on baby soft recycled leather in a gift box.  Ready to give ... or open.

20% of proceeds from the Retro line are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


The beads used are composed of German glass from a glassworks studio in Sudetenland then hand painted with platinum followed by 24k gold in the Bauhaus style popular during the 1920's.

In WWII the glassworks factory was bombed reducing it to rubble. The designer disappeared and molds broken. It was decades later when the family went to rebuild, the beads were found in the debris.

Since they cannot be reproduced, the beads are rare and highly prized.

My husband and I were traveling through Europe when fate intervened and we met the family over dinner. By dessert, I had purchased as much of the collection as possible.